Welcome to our ALL-INCLUSIVE

3-day Beauty and Soul Retreat April 24-26,2020

in beautiful San Diego, California

I'm Jessica Burgio and I help beauty professionals just like you reignite your passion for this industry and unlock the tools to help you grow your passion into a successful six-figure business and beyond!



If you’re in the beauty industry, I can imagine that this past week was spent taking care of other people. Helping them feel cared for, feel loved, listening to their worries and problems, helping them leave feeling more confident than when they came in. And this weekend is probably looking pretty similar, with a crazy full day of work on Saturday and a few last-minute clients on Sunday.

Sound like you?


You’re in this industry because you love to make people feel good. Me, too! There’s no greater joy than connecting with my clients and helping them look and feel their best.

But when was the last time you took a day for yourself? What about a whole weekend for yourself?


This retreat was created with you in mind. A weekend fully dedicated to connection—with a community of like-minded women, with yourself, and with your love for your career. Do you wish you could be working more in your business as the true creative that you are, rather than on your business? 

I created this retreat to give you a place to go for inspiration and guidance when you’re feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed in your business. During this weekend, you'll feel more confident, supported, refreshed, and in love with what you do again! It’s so easy to get burnt out from the daily grind (we have to hustle in this industry!), but you owe it to yourself to reconnect to your WHY.


That starts with giving yourself the same amazing care you give to your clients day in and day out!


You are just starting out or have been working for a few years and are already feeling burnt out or unmotivated.

You feel like work uses up all of your energy and you don't have time for your own personal development, health or goals.

You've had plenty of days where you tell yourself it will get better if you just "stick it out."

You've dabbled in personal development or tried another program but did not get great results and feel like you need something more personalized.

You struggle to figure out what you would do if this really isn't IT.



This weekend was designed to give you a chance to breathe and reconnect to yourself.


Through our network of experts, we will be holding that space for you in our beautiful beachfront accommodations.

After two decades in the health and beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist, salon owner, and personal trainer Jessica has become known for supporting fellow entrepreneurs with financial and personal insight and support. Real systems, tools, and strategies that work!  Our team loves working with you to help you feel massively supported, clear and confident! 



-Alignment with your current situation and goals

-Confidence in your next steps through gaining clarity

-No longer dreading work and decreased anxiety

-Confidence to say NO and do what's best for YOU

-100% belief that you are fully supported and on the right path

-Tools to tackle everything that might come your way!


  • Customized guidebook and journal

  • Three days of total support in your vision

  • A community of like-minded creatives ready and willing to support you

  • Expert insight into what’s been holding your business back and how to overcome it

  • Well-being in your mind and soul for your business, defining your WHY

    All of that, PLUS:

  • Lunch, happy hour sunsets. (and of course lots of snacks and goodies)

  • Intention-setting workshops

  • Morning yoga and meditations (not required, but strongly encouraged)

  • Release workshop (campfire style)

  • First access and discounts to all future events and programs!

   All you need to do is



April 24-26


“For a few weeks I had the opportunity to work with Jessica as she coached me in different areas of my life. It was like having a positive and motivating conversation with a good friend. We had weekly conversations about my goals in all aspects of my life: professional, personal, as a mother, and even fitness goals. For me it was an amazing way to start my week with positive thoughts and small goals geared toward those changes we set for myself. Jessica is such a delight to talk to, she has experience in all these facets and has become a mentor. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing this part of your new adventure with me!” — Cynthia 

"Jessica has always been that core person in my life who has been a constant inspiration! Her drive, motivation, and dedication to anything she does is something to aspire to. When she took me under her wing 10 years ago as an assistant, she was the perfect example of a strong hardworking woman, who also knew the importance of life balance, and that one doesn’t happen without the other. You work hard to play hard and get right back to the grind to enjoy the life you want to. While always working to better herself, her energy is infectious and makes you want to be the best version of yourself as well! I am so grateful for her mentorship which turned into a wonderful friendship." --- Krista

"I cannot say enough about this woman! Jessica gave me the tools to overcome some of my hardest moments in life. Working with her, I learned to take my struggles and experiences and use them as fuel to enhance the parts of my life which were leaving me unhappy. She is committed to helping others live life to their highest potential through uplifting support and connection. Leading by example, she puts into practice what she shares and will leave you feeling strong and empowered to take on all of life’s challenges!" --- Kelly

"It’s nearly impossible to not be contagiously drawn to Jessica’s energy. From the day I met her I knew that she was going to be someone important and a part of my life forever. She is consistent in every aspect that she gives her energy to. She listens and then motivates you to get it done! She has the unique ability to hold you accountable in the most positive “I have to” way.  Her strong ‘boss woman’ personality is inspiring to say the least.  She makes you believe you are capable and can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Her loyalty to being there for you no matter what is a trait we can all hope to take from her.  I love her so much and for multiple reasons couldn’t imagine my life without her in it." --- Kyra



VIP all Inclusive Access to the Beauty and Soul Retreat. All-inclusive BEACHFRONT accommodations (all meals, drinks, workouts and more) 


Hey, it's Jess.

I'm so glad you are here.  To me that shows you are ready to make yourself a priority this year!  

I created this weekend retreat as a way for us to come together to support one another! A place where we are taking some much needed "me" time to re connect and re charge!

Investing in yourself on this kind of level is never easy...time away from family, work, pets.  The financial investment, I get it!  I had a scarcity mindset for years (tho I didn't realize I did). Which held me back from taking the leap when anything like this showed up.  

But at the beginning of 2019 that all changed, I knew I needed MORE!

  • More SUPPORT


  • More CLARITY

  • More FOCUS​

But most of all more community!  I knew I needed to create what I was missing in my life!  Think of this retreat as a massive gift to your soul to take some time to come back to that heart centered reason you got into the BEAUTY Industry!  

I seriously can't wait to spend this time with YOU!