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12 If-Then Algorithms for Self-Care

Have you ever read something and immediately thought "Oh I have to go share this with everybody!", well that's what happened to me when I read the 12 If-Then Algorithms for Self-Care. I'm sharing these so you will be able to hear a little about what I think about them as well as the chance for you to hear them for yourself! I'd absolutely love to hear which of these algorithms you may be implementing in your life, reach out and let me know!

"If they steal your energy, then run away from them as fast as you can."

What you will learn:

1. Move in silence when you are pursuing a goal. 2. Take care of your mental health by taking care of your brain health. 3. Save the memory and one day the memory might save you.

What you will hear:

  • If you are pursuing a goal, avoid telling people.

  • If you’re not in a peak mental state, don’t believe every thought or feeling you have.

  • If you see leaves swaying in the breeze or ripples in the pond, take a moment to be present.

  • When we push ourselves too hard too fast, we don’t get the best version of ourselves.

  • What does she do besides the podcast?

  • How you can work with me.

  • Why I’m laying off the emails.


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