3 Key Things That Will Lead You to Massive Success in the Beauty Industry

Your success starts with you! Reaching goals in the beauty industry may not happen overnight, but there are things you can do right now to put you on the path to success. Over the past twenty years behind the chair, I’ve learned so many things about running a business, believing in myself, and making long-lasting relationships with my clients. The trick? Putting your best foot forward—always. Now I’m sharing three key things I have learned along the way that will lead you to massive success in the beauty industry. Go get ‘em!

Making Strong Client Connections

It takes time, but establishing and growing strong connections with your clients will directly lead to your success in this industry! This all starts with a great consultation. Take time to really listen to your clients: what they’re looking for, what their reference is, what their expectations are. In return, you can build trust by being honest about what you can or can’t do for them.

I once had a client that came in with box-dyed black hair and wanted a Balayage look with no brass or warmth (ahhh!!)! I knew better than to even attempt it, but did it anyway and set myself up to lose. Needless to say, she was unhappy (so was I) and never came back. Never be afraid to say no to something if you know the client won’t be able to ride the transition period out. They’ll appreciate your honesty and when you totally nail the look? They’ll keep coming back to you and refer their friends to do the same. In my early years, I’d ask my favorite clients to send me people just like them! The transition moves from going to you because you do an excellent job to instead, going to you because you’re YOU!

Show Up Professional

Dress the part! You have to walk the walk and talk the talk. You can be amazing at what you do, but if you look like you just rolled out of bed, you can’t expect to charge someone $200 or more for a service. Confidence doesn’t come easy, but if you look good, you feel good! And if you feel good, you’ll perform better! The more effort you put into how you show up, the more you’re able to reap the rewards of your hard work. As a bonus, watch as your confidence skyrockets!

Remain Consistent in Who You Are and What You Offer

I can’t stress this enough. Building one on one personal client relationships takes time, but most importantly—it takes consistency! Building that level of trust and loyalty is key. Ask them questions about topics you discussed during their last visit, comment on how their previous service has held up since you last saw them, engage with them in a way that’s authentically you and they’ll do the same. As you expand your skills and service offerings, your clients can become great messengers to spread the word of how amazing you are. When those new clients reach out, they’ll be able to see what all of the awesome fuss is about.

Quick Takeaways With Jessica B:

-Show up professional

-Take pride in your work

-Help others along the way: teaching can be your greatest teacher

-Build client relationships on consistency