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5 Steps to Rediscover Who You Are with Marisa Hohaia

On today's episode of Unscripted, we're diving into breaking free from hustle culture! I've got Marisa Hohaia here with me. She’s an anti-hustle coach and mom of two, who was burnt out multiple times in the past working in the corporate recruiting industry. She now helps high-achieving women break up with “busyness” to create a more satisfying life.

We started off by chatting about my prior experiences in the beauty industry, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries, taking time for self-care, and figuring out what truly makes us happy while allowing ourselves the freedom to try new things.  

We got into self-care and personal growth and I shared my feelings of being stuck and the need to find joy and success in both business and life. I know this is something so many of you can relate to! As we wrapped up, we touched on overcoming obstacles, trusting our instincts, and making time for personal passions.

The key message here is to break up with busyness, enjoy the journey, and focus on small daily actions for self-care and growth. Marisa also shares her 1111 Rule, which you have to hear, implementing it daily can really make massive shifts in your life! 

"You can't hustle, force, and grind your way to peace, joy, and fulfillment."

What you will hear:

  • how to finally break up with “busy”

  • why I muted triggers on social media and permission for you, too

  • the importance of setting boundaries & creating space for what makes you happy

  • Marisa's 1111 Rule for creating lasting change in your life

  • 5 actionable strategies to rediscover who you really are

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