6 Essentials Every Hairstylist Should Invest In

I’ll admit it: I’m picky when it comes to my styling tools. If it’s my clothes? Give me whatever is cute and affordable (I see you, Target)! Makeup? I love finding dupes for high-end favorites. But hairstyling? You got me. When it comes to my business, quality means everything. I’ve used many of the same products throughout my entire career behind the chair! When you’ve found something that works for you, and most importantly works for your clients, stick with it (there will always be the next latest and greatest out there). In a perfect world, it’d be great to put money towards every part of your business at one time, but sometimes that’s just not possible (it sure wasn’t for me!). Instead, I invested in key products I knew made a huge difference in my client’s results. Remember though, at the end of the day, it’s not the tools that give a great experience, it’s YOU! But when you are ready to invest, here are six essentials that are a must in my salon!

Mason Pearson Brushes

Ideal for coarse to normal hair, easy brushing, lightweight use—what’s not to love about Mason Pearson? These brushes are mandatory on my list! The brush features a nylon spike that brushes through thick and textured hair like a breeze. My go-to is this nylon and boar bristle mixture. Mine has latest me 10+ years!! Well worth the investment!

YS Park Professional

Seriously, I’d be lost without my YS Park combs! The 339 fine cutting comb is a must-have, and a product I use almost everyday. They’re affordable, come in every professional grade you need, and, bonus points, come in tons of fun colors!

Professional Shears

There are so many brands and shear sizes out there, and I rotate with a couple different ones depending on its use. I use standard, six-inch Hikaris, and have for 15 years! What can I say, when you’ve found a good thing, stick with it! My favorite texturizers are from Hanzo. Made from Japanese steel, their shears are sleek and super high quality. Make sure you find a reputable shear sharpener in your town to ensure their longevity!

Blow Dryers for Behind the Chair and At Home

Never underestimate the power of a good blow dryer! I have always loved Salonos for behind the chair, thanks to its high power and heat. But at home, it’s a little too hot for clients. I recommend the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Ion Dryer for ideal at-home use for my clients!

Quickbooks for Great Bookkeeping

One of my very best investments, a great bookkeeper is key to your success and organization of your business! Quickbooks is user-friendly and offers a few plans for you to find the one that’s right for you. You work hard as is, don’t work even harder if you don’t have to. Quickbooks can be your BFF if you let it!


Without this last one, your tools won’t make a damn difference! Leave the bullshit and drama at home! Bring in a fresh attitude every morning when you walk through those salon doors!! What you put out you will receive back ten fold!

Happy business building!

Love, Jess