Active Marketing Like a Pro

Marketing can feel like a full-time job. And if there’s one thing we didn’t sign up for when we all started in this career, it was working two full-time jobs! But with the ever-changing field of social media, it’s hard not to invest hours, days, and weeks in posting, scheduling, connecting, and figuring out how your clients—and future clients—process and receive information.

But here’s a little secret: marketing doesn’t need to take over your life! Often I’ll connect with other beauty professionals and hear about all of the ways they’ve been marketing their business. And although they are investing all of this time, they’re not having much of an impact. Why? They’re practicing passive marketing instead of active! Ahhh!! Marketing is hard to stay on top of, but when you do the research to implement active marketing techniques, your job gets way easier. And you start seeing RESULTS! These no-fail tips are simple and will have you marketing like a pro in half the time you usually spend!

Interacting on Social Media

Seems obvious, doesn’t it?! But I’m not talking about posting a photo and a quick caption here! I’m not even talking about hashtags or tagging. Interact with your followers in every possible way when you post on social media. Post an engaging caption—whether it’s a personal story, a section of a blog post, or news—and incorporate a call to action.

A call to action can be anything that gets your community to get involved. It could be presenting a question in your caption to encourage them to leave an answer. It could be to get them to click on the link in your bio. To tag a friend. Whatever it is you need, find an authentic way to incorporate it into your caption.

Then? Talk back!! If they’re taking the time to leave a comment, comment back. Start a conversation so that your community connects with you in an individualized way.

Be You Through and Through

Let’s face it, our social media feeds are drowning in influencers and bloggers—maybe some doing the same thing you’re doing! What will continue to intrigue and captivate your audience is your authenticity. Be REAL. The good times, the bad times, people want to hear it all. Reminder: client’s come to you for more than great hair! They come to you because you’re YOU!

Sure, it’s nice to hear about all your great moments, and you should share your successes. But can you imagine how it may be hard to connect with someone who seems like they never have a bad day? That off day you had, the project that keeps having setbacks...these are the moments to consider sharing as much as you share your great days.

Create a Referral Program That You Share

Actively share and talk about your referral methods! Whether it’s a discount or special, once you’ve committed to a referral program—talk about it! With your favorite clients (let’s face it, we all have them!), ask them to talk you up and send you people “just like them!” Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to get your name out there.