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Are You Being Responsible for the Energy You Bring Into a Room?

I want to share a silly example that can help us all succeed in our businesses. I received a text from a restaurant reminding me of their dress code. This made me think, are we showing up too casually for the results we want in our podcasting, parenting, relationships, or businesses?

Just like dressing up for a fancy restaurant, it's important to "dress the part" for what we want out of a situation. Take a look at how you present yourself in your business. Does it align with what you want to achieve? The way we present ourselves can have a huge impact the outcome of our endeavors.

What you will learn:

1. Are you dressing too casually to reach the level of success you want in life and business?

2. Is the casualness of communication holding you back from achieving your goals?

What you will hear:

  • The era of casual vs. work attire.

  • Dressing the part in order to bring the best version of yourself out.


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