Are YOU taking care of YOURSELF?

This week’s topic is all about SELF- CARE!!

Now that the craziness of the holidays are in full effect, what are you doing to take care of YOURSELF???

How can you can make more time to focus on YOU!!?

(Or do you just need to "take" more time for you?). What is it that you seem to “just not have time for”?!  Is it working out, making sure you have healthy meals for the day, or even just some alone time to take a walk or meditate?  How can we schedule in some “me time”?

The best way I’ve learned to do this, is to make an unbreakable appointment like you would with the doctors and miss it for nothing!!!

MY TOP 4 Go To's!


It’s amazing what you can get done in the morning before anyone else is up!!   I wake up earlier then I would really like to get in some quite time to drink my coffee in peace! Lol (before my son wakes up).  I’ve learned when my morning starts off calmly my day is more likely to follow!  (Just set the alarm!)


Some light yoga and stretching or an all-out workout on my home treadmill!!  And I don’t know about you, but when I start my day with a good sweat I tend to make better food choices!  But if I do happen to indulge I don’t feel guilty! Last week I took advantage of my local yoga studio offering a free week! (it was just what my body and mind needed!). (Sign up before bed so you have to go)


And my most favorite, which I make a priority once a month, is a massage!! I've been getting a mixture of massage and cupping and it's changed my life. Rather then waiting until I'm in pain or super stressed out, I have one scheduled so my body always gets that reset it so desperately needs by the end of the month! (Pre-book before you leave everytime)


Making sure I have healthy food for the week makes all the difference, seriously!! Because I can work out all damn day but if I eat like shit I will still feel blaaahhh! The right food and snacks on hand can keep me energized and focused to push through long days! If you love to cook, pick a day and make meals for a few days at a time! If you hate cooking, find a local meal delivery service or meal prep place and pre order for the week. (These save me on extra busy weeks!). A lot of companies offer discounts if you pre order! (You can always put the extra ones in the freezer.)

If waking up early just isn’t your thing, maybe scheduling a weekly date with a friend to grab coffee and go for a walk!  Try a new yoga class close to work so you can go straight there! (And my most favorite, which I make a priority once a month is the massage!!)

When you give to yourself, you are better equipped to serve others… Give yourself the chance to DO YOU!  Declare it! Set an intention!!

What you focus on EXPANDS!  If you focus on being tired and “to busy” that will be your reality.



-Limiting beliefs

All of those bad words will keep you from being your best most productive self…

Remember done is better than perfect.  Show up and play full out in whatever you do.  Making yourself a priority is NOT selfish, it is necessary!!

If you are in need of some inspiration go listen to a podcast from my beautiful friend and mentor @loriharder the podcast is on ITunes called Earn your Happy!  You can thank me later!

I would love to hear one thing you can change right now to give to yourself!!

Much Love and Healthiness,


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