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Do Less, But BETTER

Welcome back to another FYF episode on Unscripted! I don't know about you but I’m all about doing less, but better, in 2024. I kicked off the episode by sharing how my body's resilience has played a big role in my personal growth journey, especially this past year. I chat about keeping our nervous system in check, even during good stress, and I give you some easy takeaways to make 2024 your year of quality over quantity.  

I shared my perspective on time management and creating space for personal growth. I've personally found that grouping tasks and having a plan in place really helps me prioritize self-care and creativity. Let's optimize our time to make the most out of every moment!  

Next, I talk about setting your own goals, avoiding comparisons, and understanding your unique strengths and limits to find success. Wrapping it up, I share insights into being a productive procrastinator, focusing on what truly matters, and embracing the power of saying no to tasks that drain our energy.   So, what will you do less of but better this year, and what are you determined to prove to yourself? I encourage you to share your thoughts with me, and let's make 2024 our most amazing year yet!

"Intuitively, we all know what we could be doing better if we just double down on what we see working for our life and our business."

What you will hear:

  • Time management and creating space for personal growth

  • Setting your own goals and kicking comparison to the curb

  • Understanding your unique strengths and having them work in your favor

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Key Words:

resilience, personal growth, self-care, priorities, goals, comparison, strengths, life, business


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