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Do you have a Consistency Problem or Motivation Problem?

Welcome back to another FYF episode where I am keeping it real AF per usual! I dropped into today all around how we need motivation to get us started and consistency to keep us going.

I shared ways we can find more motivation and some sneaky ways things in your everyday life could actually be “un-motivating” you! How consistency can be your biggest flex in life, right behind asking for help. I shared a firm reminder that your version of consistency will look much different than the woman next to you.

Remember we are all in different seasons of our lives. Stop the vicious comparison game…. Or forever feel left behind!

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"What it means to be consistent for one person doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for somebody else."

What you will hear:

  • Ways to keep yourself motivated to continue on your journey

  • What things may be un-motivating you, which you may not even be realizing

  • Learning how consistency looks different to each of us

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Key Words:

consistency, motivation, comparison


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