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Embracing Discomfort

In this episode of Unscripted, I share my perspective on navigating life's seasons through my mastermind group experience. I acknowledge the discomfort that comes with facing unresolved emotions and taking action for personal growth. For those feeling overwhelmed and pressured to produce results, I encourage embracing the awareness that something has to change in order to improve. Through self-reflection and seeking help from those you want to learn from, you can overcome stuckness and achieve your goals.

"Stop playing small. Stop hiding. It's time to get the fuck out of your own way."

What you will hear:

  • Navigating different seasons of life and facing discomfort/emotions

  • Feeling overwhelmed but wanting personal growth 

  • Embracing current situations and celebrating small wins

  • Getting unstuck through self-reflection and seeking help

  • Facilitating a mastermind group and lessons learned

  • Encouragement to own one's situation and take action


Ways to connect outside of the podcast: 

Join the FYF UNSCRIPTED text community! Just text the word “FRIDAY” to 619-332-3045. Where every Friday I send you a personalized message to end your week on a positive note no matter what! We can always find the wins if we look for them! 



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Key Words:

entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurs, personal growth, self-reflection, mastermind, life seasons, overcoming overwhelming, celebrating wins


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