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Finding Beauty in the Reality of Life's Unscripted Moments

Today's episode is all about embracing vulnerability and finding strength in the face of life's challenges. I've always valued when people share their struggles in real time, because let's face it, shit happens to all of us. But here's the thing: we have a choice. We can either allow ourselves to be consumed by life's troubles or we can fight back with unwavering positivity. It's a decision we have to make every single morning.

I share with you the most beautiful run I had this morning which reminded me that no matter what chaos may be happening around us, we can always find solace in the present moment and stay true to ourselves. Let go of any outside circumstances that are trying to control your mind as we explore the concept of removing expectations around how things should be and embracing the reality of how they actually are. It's time to acknowledge that you are enough, exactly as you are in this very moment.

Stick around until the end, because I'll be sharing tips on how to get started with your very own podcast. And if you're eager to take the plunge right away, I've got great news to share with you! Let's dive in together and uncover the hidden gems that lie within.

"Do not allow outside circumstances to control your mind your physical body, your thought process, your nervous system."

What you will learn:

1. We have two choices this morning, embrace or fight back.

2. Don’t allow outside circumstances to control your mind.

3. You are enough exactly how you are in this very moment.

What you will hear:

  • I value when people share in real time what they’re going through.

  • Two choices this morning: embrace this or embrace this.

  • I had the most beautiful run this morning.

  • Don’t allow outside circumstances to control your mind.

  • When I am channeling how I’m feeling and letting the universe speak through me, I realized that this podcast has never been about me

  • You’re enough.

  • How to get started with a podcast.

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