Foolproof Tips for Building Your Tribe

I’d be lost without my tribe! The people who support me, rally for me, connect with me—these are the people that I simply can’t imagine my life without. Creative people with love and resources to lift you up and help propel you forward in your journey. Building your tribe isn’t just about finding a community of people with similar interests as you, it’s about forming life-long relationships with people who will give to you as much as you give to them. As you begin to pursue your aspirations, it’s so important to build a tribe that has the same eagerness and ambition as you! So here are a few of my foolproof tips on building a tribe for life.

Be Authentic

You have to be you from the jump! Sounds simple, but I know how hard this can be. When meeting new people, especially people we look up to or admire, we tend to put on a bit of mask to be who we think the person wants or needs us to be. Not only is that unsustainable, it’s exhausting—trust me!! I talk a lot about self-care and self-love here because in order to be the best friend and supporter, you need to take care of yourself first. Do the work so that you can’t help but be authentically you. Then watch as people naturally start to flock to you.

Be the First to Say Hello!

We’re thick in an age where it’s easier to hide behind our screens or put things off because of our busy schedules. I used to be guilty of this! But I learned that to attract the kind of people I want in my tribe, sometimes I have to go out and find them myself. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Whether you’re reaching out via social media, email, or the good ol’ fashioned way (in person), chances are the person will feel totally honored and excited you reached out! Remember it doesn’t need to be this big scary thing—something as simple as a DM on Instagram saying, ‘hey, I love the message you’re spreading, I’d love to chat with you more about that!’ can help start the conversation. Then you’re on your way to making the impactful relationships you’re looking for.

Follow Up and Don’t Make Assumptions

So you listened to step number two and reached out! And then you didn’t hear back. Don’t let that deter you! We are ALL so busy. Maybe they missed your message or were planning to respond, but just forgot. Or maybe they don’t even have an excuse or reason. Shit happens! Don’t take it personally. Reach out again and follow up. In the reverse, if someone has reached out to you and you’ve taken a little while to get back, just apologize and move forward. It’s never too late to start up a conversation.

Pre-Plan Your Next Meet Up

Remember what I said about all of us being busy AF?! We can have great intentions of meeting up, but if you don’t put in the energy to pre-plan a date, it can easily be put on the back burner. Make these friendships a priority like you would with anything else. If you have time to go walk around Target for an hour (again...guilty), then you have time to meet up with your tribe. Plan your next call, coffee or lunch date ahead of time and schedule it in so that you both don’t forget.

Show Up Even When You Don’t Want To

This one is huge for me! You can talk the talk about being supportive and being a cheerleader for someone, but it doesn’t hold much weight against actually showing up when the person needs you to. I’m not saying you need to drop everything the moment they call. I am saying that if they’ve been working on a project or an event, you should be there ready to cheer them on when the time comes!