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From The Depths of Poverty to Prosperity with Lia Valencia Key

Ever found yourself wondering how someone could climb out of the depths of poverty and reach the pinnacle of prosperity? If so, tune into this episode of Unscripted, where I have the chance to hear the incredible story of Lia Valencia, the Founder of Valencia Key Design, firsthand.

Lia’s story is nothing short of inspiring. From calling a homeless shelter home to making waves in the jewelry industry, her journey will leave you in awe. She shares with us, the wisdom and motivational nuggets she's gathered along the way, all rooted in her mother's powerful mantra - 'Your predicament does not determine your destiny.'

In the midst of life's turbulence, Lia found a key player in maintaining her peace and joy: 'release.' Discover how this simple yet profound concept guided her through tough times and continues to be a driving force in her life. We learn about the creation of Valencia Key Design, her unique hand-sketching methods, and the symbolic significance of her mother's gifted earrings.

This episode really shows us how anything is truly possible to accomplish in life with self-belief, authenticity, and mastering the art of letting go.

"Your Predicament Does Not Determine Your Destiny."

What you will hear:

  • Lia's amazing story of going from poverty to prosperity

  • How Lia started her jewelry business and what it was that inspired her to do so

  • How self-belief and resilience brought her success

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Key Words:

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