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How BREATHING Can Make You More Money with Alessandra Caprice

Hey, it's your girl Jess back with another guest interview episode of Unscripted! (We do these every Tuesday, so be sure to text me the word "FRIDAY" to 619-332-3045 and you will get access to my exclusive text list community platform- where I will personally send you each week's episode).

Today I've got my girl Alessandra Caprice, who is an Energetic Business Mastery Coach, on to talk all about breathwork. Breathwork has been around for forever but I believe has become a more mainstream and less taboo topic and beautiful modality. Alessandra shares with us how breathwork has been able to help her in both life and business. She believes that in order to advance in business and actually sustain big money months, we need to own our bigness, heal our limiting beliefs, heal our money traumas, and take off our “armor of smallness”.  

Alessandra speaks about how breathwork has allowed her to heal past traumas and limiting beliefs that were holding her back. Through breathwork she was able to release stress and negative emotions in her body, helping her feel more confident and empowered. Doing so helped Alessandra take her business to the next level by showing up bigger and bolder. She's now able to attract more clients and opportunities because she feels fully in her power.  

Alessandra is living proof of how this practice of breathwork can change your life and even help you make more money! So tune in and let me know what experiences you’ve had with breathwork and how it’s been able to transform your life!

"Breathwork has helped me heal past traumas and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my full potential."

What you will hear:

  • How breathwork can help in life and business

  • Healing past trauma to bring in big money months

  • Releasing limiting beliefs

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Key Words:

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