How to Find Your Tribe

Cheers to a new week in survival mode! How many of us don’t know what day it is or even care at this point?! LOL. This week I wanted to talk to you guys about finding your tribe! What does that even mean? I have friends you might say! Yeah, I do too. But when I started out on this entrepreneurial journey I quickly realized my “friends “we’re just that, my friends. People I’ve known for years that I could always call who would lend an ear, meet me for coffee to talk about our kids. Invite us over for dinner to hang out... you know, those kinds of friends!! (All of whom I love dearly and wouldn’t trade for the world!!) Those are equally important in our lives, but my guess is you already have some of these! But your tribe is a little different. Your TRIBE is your PEOPLE! Your people who get your bigger vision for your life and your business! Your tribe is fully committed to holding each other accountable! Willing to say the things that are not always easy to say. Showing you where you could’ve done better with a loving but firm nudge. Your tribe is there for the greater good, not for the benefits of just a surface friendship. It’s a pact you’ve all made to be honest, open, vulnerable, and supportive. To DO WORK with each other. The inner work and outer work. So where the heck does one even start when building their much-needed TRIBE? It’s critical to seek out like-minded, purpose-driven individuals whose mission falls into alignment with yours. Because research shows that everyone needs validation, but women have a fundamental need to converse and brainstorm for validation before taking action. And though we are all capable of being great on our own, there is massive strength in numbers. John C Maxwell says it best, “you may be good, but you are not that good!” If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together! If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. We can isolate and try to make it happen on our own. Or we can collectively come together and collaborate with a tribe of positive friends, partners, coaches, and mentors to crush it. Personally, the way I’ve found my TRIBE is by putting myself out there!!! Getting into the rooms where I am likely to find others wanting the same things for their life and business! These days those rooms are in the form of virtual ZOOM meetups, but very similar none the less. I’ve met some incredible women over the last 6 weeks of quarantine by continually showing up to connection calls led by some of my mentors and peers. Attending free webinar calls on everything from money mindset to salon business networking. The amount of hours I’ve made sure to be there has to be close to 40 at this point. But along with showing up, I’ve interacted and asked questions! I’ve spoken up and shared my wins or ideas with the group, even if they weren’t the boldest biggest wins or ideas. I’m engaged and actively looking to grow my TRIBE! I want to be around others doing the same!! That’s how I know they are “my people”, my TRIBE. I personally message the ones I think I can connect with and ask if they want to hop on a call! We have the time now so invest a few hours a week to growing your TRIBE! (I promise, it actually becomes really fun to look for new friends!) So I challenge you today to look for similar ways to get out there even during this weird time! Every week there are so many webinars, lives, free zoom meetups I have to book them out on my calendar!! It’s awesome!! You never know who you might meet and possibly start a new business venture or plan to take over the world with! 🏽‍🤝‍🏻🏼‍🤝‍🏻 And if you find an awesome group of people please share it with us!! Happy TRIBE building! Love Jess