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How to OWN your personal style with celebrity fashion stylist Tori Kruse

On this episode of Unscripted, I have my good friend and Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Tori Kruse join us. Tori helps clients look their best for events through her virtual and in-person styling sessions. She shares with us, her journey and how she found her life’s passion and purpose in the styling industry. We discuss the importance of personal branding and how it helps build confidence. If you're looking to refresh your style or take your personal brand to the next level, you'll want to tune in for Tori's expert advice! This episode is full of insights on finding your purpose, overcoming self-doubt, and pursuing your passion unscripted.

"You want to be a walking billboard for your brand."

What you will hear:

  • personal branding and dressing for success

  • the importance of personal style in business, using fashion as a conversation starter

  • listening to our intuition and leaning into resistance

  • overcoming obstacles to find your true calling in business

  • personal styling tips and trends

  • building confidence with style



Connect with Tori:

Ways to connect outside of the podcast: 

Join the FYF UNSCRIPTED text community! Just text the word “FRIDAY” to 619-332-3045. Where every Friday I send you a personalized message to end your week on a positive note no matter what! We can always find the wins if we look for them! 



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Key Words:

personal style, branding, entrepreneurship, intuition, confidence


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