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How to Pivot after a Setback with Amy Shoenthal

Ever wondered how a single connection could flip your life's script? Today on Unscripted, I have Guest Amy Shoenthal, who talks about this! Amy is the Author of “The Setback Cycle”. She shares with us an interesting way of looking at networking and how meeting just one person can expand our possibilities endlessly!

We've all had those moments that felt like giant roadblocks. But you know what? Turns out, they're not dead ends at all. They're shortcuts to growing tougher, getting smarter, and finding fresh ideas allowing us to pivot into our next steps.

Amy and I cover everything from facing rejection head-on to taking care of our mental health and even reinventing ourselves. Whether you're a pro in the game or just starting out, listen in for a dose of self-discovery, growth, and resilience.

"Motivation is one of the biggest predictors of success"

What you will hear:

  • How to navigate through roadblocks

  • How networking can open endless opportunities for you

  • Learning how to pivot in business

  • The importance of taking care of ourselves and mental health


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Key Words:

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