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How to Tell YOUR Story with Alex Street

My boy Alex Street is back!!!

And he is now officially a published AUTHOR!!! How freakin cool is that!?

Another friend who did the damn thing and wrote a freakin book! Like what??? F**K yes!

Alex is your story coach. He is a literal wiz at helping you craft your one-of-a-kind story in order to clarify your message. Clarity in your brand messaging is EVERYTHING!! We cover the Story Arc, his signature method for crafting this exact message.

We originally met through a business mastermind and I am so grateful for his wisdom and time on todays episode! I know you will connect with him, his story and his work!

"My mission is to help every person clarify their story so they speak it out

with confidence"

What you will hear:

  • How simple it is to come up with YOUR story

  • How to craft your Message to connect with your audience

  • How important your story is to build your personal brand

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Key Words:

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