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How to Use Human Design for Your Business with Nicole Laino

Today's episode of Unscripted is all about Human Design, which you won't want to miss! You have heard me mention HUMAN DESIGN more than a few times here on this show and on social media because it was a game changer for me when I discovered it a few years ago!!!!

I recently connected with an amazing mentor and leader in this space who knows her stuff! One of the best in in the biz, Nicole Laino. She is a human design guru, so much so that she has a podcast dedicated to helping the rest of learn more about ourselves through the power of human design. Nicole's all about those big juicy, no BS conversations around how to live your life in a flow state that's natural for YOU and show up authentically.  

We talked about personal growth using the Enneagram and Human Design, and I shared my journey of self-discovery finding out my own human design as a projector. Discovering my human design flipped my decision-making and energy levels in my business, making my work sessions so much more focused. Learning to understand my natural ways of making decisions and how i'm meant to be received by others has helped me become so much more authentically me!  

We also talked about techniques like NLP and EFT for shifting energy and handling life's curveballs. Human Design can seriously level up your growth game. Nicole's insights can change anyone's life by gaining clarity of your unique blueprint.

She invites you to connect with her, get your charts read, and listen to her podcast, Unshakeable with Human Design. If you are looking to become a more authentic version of yourself, I highly suggest you reach out to her!  

"We are conditioned to be a certain way and to think certain ways. And Human Design brings us back to "What is your truth?"

What you will hear:

  • How to live your life in a flow state

  • Techniques such as NLP and EFT

  • Owning your Human Design and how to have it help your personal growth

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Key Words:

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