How to Workout When You’re Always Busy

Let’s be honest, we literally have no excuse not to work out these days. There seems to be a gym on every block now and thanks to sites like Youtube and Instagram, your daily workout is just a few clicks away! Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Tabata or Kickboxing, it’s so important for you to find the form of exercise that makes you feel good inside and out. After all, when you’re stuck in a workout routine you hate, you are 10 times more likely to skip that part of your routine—oops, been there!! If you’re always on the move or just have a hate-hate relationship with the gym, here are a few quick ideas on ways to workout even when you have limited time.

Change Up Your Routine

First things first, listen to your body! It’s not about asking, ‘can I work out?’ but instead, ‘what do I feel like doing?’ That’s how I decide every morning what I’m going to do that day. Did I get enough sleep? Did I eat enough carbs the day before (as if I ever miss a meal LOL)? Do I need to be doing fasted cardio? These are all things I think about before I start my day’s workout, so that I can adjust as my body needs. Your body is an amazing communicator—you just have to listen! Don’t feel the pressure to stay in the same routine when your body is asking for something else.

Stay Outdoors

No gym, no problem! San Diego is an amazing playground full of incredible outdoor opportunities for your workout. Hit up nearby hiking trails—I love Torrey Pines—or go for a long walk along the beach. You can leave it at that, or for an extra burn stop and do reps like push-ups or step-ups at park benches.

Gym on the Go

When I travel, I always like to checkout the gym at the hotel or a nearby gym close to the hotel. It keeps it fun and interesting! But if I only have a short amount of time, I always carry a band with me or travel with a jump rope. These are easy tools that don’t take up much space and can help you get in a quick workout even in your hotel room.

HIIT at Home

HIIT is one of those super amazing workouts that you can do nearly anywhere and save loads of time. High Intensity Interval Training focuses on high-impact moves in a short amount of time to get your heart rate and burn calories. At most, HIIT workouts can be 20-30 minutes, but you can even get a killer workout in 15 minutes with the right moves. Set a timer for 30 minutes, begin with a warmup, and get ready to sweat!

Here is an example:

Warm up (30 seconds each ) repeat until 5 min is up

Jog in place

Jumping jacks

Jump squats

Jump rope for 5 min

Walking lunges (25 down 25 back)

Burpee with push up (10)

Bicycles (elbow to knee)30

Repeat 4 times through

Jump squats (20)

Mountain climbers (20)

Plank hold (30 seconds)

Repeat 4 times through

Tricep dips (15)

Jog around the block (or run in place for 30 seconds- one min)

Toe touch or crunch (30)

Repeat until time is up

Again, it’s not about NOT being able to get to a’s about just wanting to move your body no matter what! Because nothing feels better than a little sweat sesh! It clears my head and boosts my positivity, and I know it will for you, too. Hope these little tips help you on your way to feeling your best this summer.

So much love,