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Is Toxic Positivity a Real Thing? with Guest Lucy Liu

Today I am joined by the amazing Lucy Liu to discuss life challenges and personal growth. Lucy, a fellow podcaster, shares her insights on the power of marketing and the importance of showing up authentically on social media. We dive into the idea of thriving despite challenges, exploring how Lucy consciously chooses to respond to life's curveballs with an energy of thriving, even when things don't go as planned.

We also shared our views on the concept of energy management, especially for women in their mid-30's to 60's who adopt a "less fucks" mentality. (you here for that???) I share my thoughts on being discerning with where we give our energy, especially during challenging times, and discuss how others' reactions to kindness can reveal something about their own desires or beliefs.

We also get into life coaching, personal growth, and mentorship. I shared how I studied the methods used by successful coaches and discuss the importance of holding space for clients.

We ended with goal-setting, building belief in business, and the power of manifestation. I opened up about my struggles to believe in my ability to reach a $5 million goal, which is a testament to the importance of BELIEF in manifestation, and taking action to achieve those goals. Tune in for this conversation filled with insights, laughter, and encouragement to thrive in your journey of personal growth!

"In life, there are goals we have. We can't be Bullseye every single time. But at least we have a target to shoot for."

What you will hear:

  • Life challenges and personal growth

  • Showing up authentically

  • Adopting a "less-fucks" mentality

  • Feeding your mind daily for positivity

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