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It’s Okay to Want Better Even When What You Have Is Already Good with Ceilidh Costello

Hair salon owner turned mindset coach! Ceilidh Costello has been in the beauty industry for 20 years and owned a salon for nine years. After meeting a client who opened her eyes to new opportunities, she decided to close her salon and become a mindset and manifestation coach.

We discuss her experience of letting go of her salon and how her identity shifted. We also talk about her calling to serve more people beyond aesthetics and offer advice for those who are transitioning to their next thing. Even IF what you already have is good!

This one gets juicy, as we delve into the guilt of wanting more when what you have is good, where it comes from, and share best practices or tools to overcome it. Finally, we talk about reprogramming your subconscious beliefs to improve your child's life!

"What area do you want to focus on? Because if you focus on everything, you're going to miss the target."

What you will learn:

1. How can you transition from the beauty industry to a new career without guilt?

2. What does it take to break away from the script and rewrite your life?

3. How can you use the skill sets learned in the beauty industry to serve more people?

What you will hear:

  • What it’s like to step away from the responsibility of owning your own space and move into the energy of being free to do what you

  • The identity shift of transitioning from one thing to another.

  • What if it’s something you don’t want but you’re fighting with the beliefs that you’re not allowed

  • Take a moment for yourself and stop taking care of other people.

  • There’s nothing like becoming a parent to help you see how you do things differently.


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