My Biggest Takeaways From My First Beauty Insiders Brunch

Guys, IT HAPPENED! On Sunday, San Diego’s beauty community came together for an incredible day of connection and inspiration. Sweet treats, yummy drinks, cool prizes, and amazing speakers?! How the fuck did we pull that off?! Haha. Thank you to everyone who joined me—whether you’re new to this industry or a seasoned pro, I hope you left feeling motivated and excited about the amazing community and opportunities available for you. I sure AF did! You deserve to thrive, to make money, to collaborate, and to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Thank you for being open to what our speakers had to offer and for being open for everyone else around you. I’m still pinching myself and probably still will be until the next event! I learned so much during this process—the planning, the prepping, and, of course, the day of! The easy stuff, the challenges, everything was a learning curve and it was amazing to see how it all came together. So ICYMI, or just want to relive the day like I do, here are a few things I learned from our very first Beauty Insiders Brunch!

1. The consensus is in: the beauty industry is missing community! All of you confirmed what I’ve been thinking this whole time—we want community! We want to support instead of compete, to learn instead of dismiss, to find a tribe instead of face the battle alone. It was so motivating for me to hear from you, to see how eager you were to connect with others.

2. Business advice and accountability are a must for success. Abe wasn’t lying when he said owning your own salon was hard af!! What I loved about his message was to never be afraid to ask. Ask the questions you don’t know the answer to, talk to the people around you that are doing the things you want to do. And ask them to be honest!!! Along the way, you’ll get some solid business insight, as well as someone to hold you accountable.

3. The “luckier” you are is a direct result of how hard you are working. Claude’s incredible come-up story had nothing to do with luck, but how doors open when you put in the work. Maybe you won’t see results at first, but they will come and when they do? Pop the champagne, because they’ll be big!

4. Stylists support stylists! This event was the first of many to continue our path along supporting and lifting each other up! Share ideas, collaborate, and even share losses (they’re just as important!). Cheer on each other and learn from each other.

5. Since I always like to keep it real here, I’m going to be honest—event planning is HARD! During this process I’ve learned that it’d be crazy to tackle this on your own. Ask for help! Call in back-up! And look to your group of creatives to see where they can help you out—it’s also a platform to help them shine, too! I loved looking around and seeing all of the sweet treats, food, table settings, and decor bits that were all from my group!

6. Feedback is everything. Your feedback means the world to me. I want to create a space for you to thrive and grow. Let me know what you loved and what you didn’t! I already heard that everyone wants these to be monthly, maybe on a more intimate scale! Stay tuned!

It was such a special day for me, and I hope it was for you, too. What were your biggest takeaways? Share them with me by leaving a comment! Stay tuned for future events on our Beauty Insiders page. Want to work one-on-one? Head to my contact page!