My Favorite Writing Prompts to Bust Through Creative Blocks

I know I talk about it a lot on here, but I’m going to say it one more time: I LOVE JOURNALING! Seriously. Writing out my thoughts has become as second nature to me as putting on my makeup. There’s no better way to prepare for the week, get out of a funk, or bust through any creative block I’m feeling than to sit down, open up my journal, and start writing. The most amazing revelations happen when I journal. Whether it’s planning out goals or just getting my thoughts onto the paper, journaling is an amazing relief that helps me find clarity, feel motivated, and get after what I want.

I know it can be that for you, too! Even if you haven’t journaled before or don’t know what to write, just start with whatever is on the forefront of your mind. And start with a few sentences or a word that has been floating around in your mind. A lot of the time, I journal based on what I see others talking about on Instagram or in person, otherwise, I have a long-running list of writing prompts for when I want to explore different ideas. Feeling stuck? Here are some prompts to get your creativity going!

My Favorite Writing Prompts

What can you learn from your biggest mistake?

When I’m in pain—physical or emotional—the kindest thing I can do for myself is...

Who or what is your biggest mentor? What are they doing that interests/motivates you? What lessons are you learning from them?

Become a fortune teller. What predictions do you have for your industry? What would you like to see in your industry?

Reflect on the biggest problem you’ve faced in your career/business. How did you overcome it? How did it come about? Would you do anything differently?

If you weren’t in your current line of profession, where would you be? What would you be pursuing? Why?

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in your industry?

Write a thank you letter to yourself. Note what you’re thankful for and why.

Write down what scares you most. Why? What are ways you can confront those fears?

Where in your life do you wish you could put more energy? What aspects of your life would you like to focus more on? What’s holding you back?

What does success mean to you? What does courage mean to you? What about happiness?