Nurturing Our Mental Health in Quarantine

Hey everyone! How are we all holding up? This has been a seriously insane past month for all of us, and I just had this urge to check-in. On my end, I feel so grateful to have everyone in my family healthy and safe while we’re quarantining together—but damn, I miss seeing you all and enjoying our beautiful city!

Although we’re all dealing with this unprecedented time in our own way, now is more important than ever to check in on your mental health. This shit is no joke! On the surface yes, we have all this extra time, but the reality is we have this extra time because the whole world is facing a global crisis. That’s a lot to process. Whether you’re a busy body like me or taking this time to binge watch Netflix, I hope these helpful tips and tricks are useful in checking in with yourself and doing things to keep your mental state afloat. Be kind to yourself.

Limit Your News Intake It’s important to stay updated on what’s happening with coronavirus, but too much news consumption has been proven to negatively affect our mental health. Limit your news intake to once per day (or less if that feels good!), whether it’s a quick read in the morning or 30 minutes of TV at night.

Set Small Goals While there’s no need to pressure yourself into doing things, it is important to find a routine and gain a new sense of “normalcy.” This could be as simple as going for a quick walk around your neighborhood (practicing good distancing) or trying out a new recipe. Life is on your terms, start small and celebrate your accomplishments—even if it was changing out of your sweats (a huge win for me).

Check-in on Others When I feel crappy, one of the easiest ways to get me feeling better is to make my people feel better. Now with our extremely open schedules, it’s easier than ever. Send a cute card, leave a thoughtful text message or set up a time to chat to stay connected with your nearest and dearest.


Self-care looks so different to all of us. For me, it’s journaling, exercising, and reading (just to name a few). Create a list of all the things that make you happen that you can still do at home. On your low days, give yourself the right to stay cozy doing whatever feels good. But on those days you’re feeling a bit more energized, pick out one of the things from your list. I suggest meditating (Balance is giving new subscribers one free year subscription), stretching, baking, or playing games with family.

The important thing is it’s what feels good to you on your terms. Try to do a little something each day.

So much love, Jess 🖤