Simple Ways to Create Lasting Impressions With Your Clients

First impressions are so important—but so are second, third, get the idea! I aim to create that great impression whether it’s my client’s first or 100th time stepping into my salon. The impact you leave on your clients will make or break whether or not they come back—regardless of how amazing your service or work is! But don’t think you need to take a sledgehammer and go at it at renovating your space (or do it if it’s time for a makeover!). Sometimes the most minute details are what sets us apart from others in the industry. These are simple ways to leave an amazing, lasting impression on your clients.

Check in on Your Salon Experience

Ask yourself these questions to get a good idea of what your client’s perspective is.

How would you rate your salon? Would you give it a 10/10? 6/10?

What’s the first thing a client sees when they walk in the door? If you’re in a larger salon, the first thing they see is probably the front desk. Is it warm and inviting? Or is there an empty desk with no one to greet them?

Consider adding fresh flowers or some lit candles to warm up the space around the front desk so that when your client walks through the door, they immediately feel welcome and relaxed.

If you’re alone in the salon, or in a solo environment, without a front desk be sure to immediately acknowledge the client when they walk in—even if you’re currently finishing up with your current client. Communicate with them! If you’re running a few minutes behind, let them know. Offer to grab them something to drink, remind them where the bathroom is, encourage them to grab a seat and flip through a magazine. On that note, make sure that your drinks are well-stocked and cold and you have up to date magazines.

This may all sound super simple, but you’d be surprised at how many clients get ignored the minute they walk into a salon. That’s not a great feeling! Even if it’s not your client, make sure you say hello and do all of the above things—you’d want your co-worker to do the same for you!

Put Effort Into Your Client Consultation

If you’re anything like me and you’ve had clients for 10-15 years, it’s still just as important to have a consultation with them! Keep making your old clients feel just as special as the new clients because let’s face it, it’s much easier to keep current clients happy then have to go hunting for new ones. I can’t stress how much the consultation has impacted my client relations. Even if I know they’re going to get the same thing they’ve always gotten, I’ll sometimes joke and say, “are you sure you don’t want any purple pieces today?” LOL.

It’s like going to your favorite Starbucks, and they already know what drink you want. I know my clients love that I have their formula memorized before they even sit down, but it never hurts to ask if they’d like to try something new! Sometimes suggesting something new, even if it’s just a small change, can make them feel like you really care about them and are thinking about them even when they’re not right in front of you!

Involve Your Client in What You’re Doing

Communicate with your client by explaining what you’re doing and why. This reminds them that you are the expert in this field and it helps them to feel involved. I can’t tell you how many clients call to book an appointment and when the front desk asks what they’re booking for, the client responds, “I don’t know, she just does whatever to my hair,” No! In my opinion, your client should know exactly what you’re doing to their hair and why. This enables you to charge per service, helps the front desk book you correctly, and ensures the correct time is allotted, instead of not having enough time (my worst nightmare!). Always let your client know when they need to come back and what products you recommend—I even like to give them some samples if they’re not ready to make a purchase!

Client Follow-Up

Brand new clients should always get a follow up on their experience! If you’re solo, a quick text message can do the job. For an extra special touch, a handwritten thank you card goes a long way! Around the holidays, consider sending thank you cards to all of your clients with a call to action like “can’t wait to see you in the new year!” They feel heard, seen, and loved. And once the end of the year rush dies down, guess who they’re calling to see ASAP?!

I’d love to hear your favorite ways to make your client experience extra special. Share them with me here in the comments so we can all be inspired from each other’s tips!

As always, happy business building.

Much love and success,