Six Steps to Becoming a Six-Figure Stylist

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Happy Tuesday and welcome back to the blog! How are we feeling this week? This weekend was a much-needed getaway for me where I could just have fun and relax. But let me tell you, I’m so ready to hit the ground running this week, especially with my Beauty Insiders Brunch THIS SUNDAY! It’s going to be an incredible afternoon with a really cool group of beauty insiders just like you. Have you gotten your ticket yet?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never regretted my career as a stylist for one minute. The beauty and wellness industry is one of the most magical fields out there. You get to help people feel and look their best inside and out, and most of the time, you get to be your own boss in the process! But let’s face it, most stylists struggle to make ends meet. It can be an exhausting business of long hours for little reward and a competitive industry of people who are all offering the same exact services as you. I talk a lot about being a six-figure stylist on here, but I’m sure a lot of you are thinking: can you even make six figures as a stylist? The answer is YES. It will take a lot of work and perseverance, maybe even breaking some comfortable habits you’ve been doing for years—but the reward is undeniable and you deserve to reap the benefits. I crafted this six-step guide to becoming a six-figure stylist for my exclusive Beauty Insiders group, but the information is too good not to share! Here’s a little teaser of the guide—and read to the bottom to see how you can get your eyes on the rest!

1. Make an Authentic Connection

While all of the six skills mentioned here are vital to your success as a stylist, there is no more important skill to master than making authentic connections with your client. You can be the most talented stylist out there, but if you don’t know how to create a bond with your clients, it won’t mean anything. Your connection really surrounds around nailing the consultation. This is your chance to make an impression not only in your expertise as a stylist but also in a working relationship. They are coming to you for high-quality service from someone they can trust and someone they like—show them that that’s exactly what you are by being authentically you, listening to their concerns, and being honest about what you can (and can’t) do for them.

When it comes to the consultation, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Make it about them! Entirely. Don’t look at the consultation as your chance to get the most business out of them. In fact, keep your agenda out of the consultation entirely. It should be about the client, their story, and their wishes.

  • Ask permission from your client to tell them the truth as an expert, experienced stylist. This allows you the space to be perfectly honest about your services and what they’re looking for.

  • Be real with them! If they want to go red and you don’t think it’s going to give them the results they want—tell them! Now that you’ve created a safe space, your client is looking to you for your confidence and opinion, don’t be afraid to share it.

2. Engage With Your Expertise

Just because you’re the expert and they aren’t doesn’t mean you can’t engage on that level. Allow your clients a look into your process. Explain what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and keep them in the loop as the process begins. You already have their trust from your killer consultation, so expand on that by allowing them to be a part of the journey. People like to be kept in the loop and remember when you’re getting a service done it’s always comforting to know exactly what’s happening! Along the way, they may ask how you did something or why you did something—you can anticipate their questions by talking through the steps as you’re going through them. Not only will this alleviate any questions or concerns they have, but this will also allow another opportunity to strengthen your bond with your client and show off just how talented you are (which is talented AF).

3. Deepen the Bond

Here’s what you need to remember: clients come in first for the high-quality service you offer and second for who you are. That’s what sets you apart from every other stylist out there—YOU! Have confidence in that. Be the stylist that not only takes care of your clients when they’re right in front of you but for long after. How do you do this?

  • Show interest in who they are. Ask them about what they do, where they’re going, or why they want the look they asked for. Get on their level and find ways to connect through their interests. In perfect scenarios, this happens naturally, but sometimes you have to work at it! Even if you have to write on note cards, keep your client in mind and refresh your memory before their next visit.

  • Retail sales. Yep, I said it. There are so many stylists out there afraid of trying to sell retail or feeling guilty for trying to upsell. But it really depends on how you look at it. If you look at it from the lens of pure financial gain, then yes, it doesn’t feel good and it’s awkward. But consider the flip side. You want your client to look and feel their best ALWAYS, not just when they’re sitting in the chair in front of you. Show them how they can do that. Offer products that make sense for the look they’re going for, for their hair texture, for the time they have. They’ll feel good knowing that you are coming from an authentic place and will want to buy products to keep the magic going long after they leave the salon.

And that’s only half of the real-talk insight I share in this must-have guide to becoming a six-figure stylist. Curious about the rest? Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you the full copy so you can go out there and make that money. I can’t wait for you to read the rest!

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