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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Purpose with Matthew Allyn

Have you ever wondered about your true purpose in life? It's a question that can have a profound impact on your success and happiness. Often, our purpose is hidden in plain sight and requires some self-exploration to uncover. Finding your true purpose may involve trial and error, but it's a journey that can lead you down unexpected paths that yield remarkable results. As Matthew puts it, "If that's who you want to be, be it now." Matthew and I delve into a range of topics, from crafting compelling content to reminiscing about our early days of friendship at Chris Harder's Fast Foundations.

Matthew Allyn is an experienced leadership marketing coach and the host of the "Powerful Online Leadership" Podcast. With his expertise, Matthew empowers online coaches and entrepreneurs to emerge as trailblazers in their respective industries by unearthing their profound purpose and crafting top-notch content that positions them as thought leaders. His results-driven strategies not only enhance sales but also unlock an abundance of lucrative opportunities for his clients.

"I shouldn't let these things dictate my happiness. I should be able to be happy without that stuff because I know what I'm here for and I love myself. I have to remind myself, why am I here?"

What you will learn:

1. The importance of having a purpose

2. How to remind yourself of your purpose.

What you will hear:

  • Being self-led and wanting more in life.

  • The importance of having a backstory.

  • The fear that comes up when you don’t make your message out.

  • How to build trust with yourself and your intuition.

  • Show up authentically online and put it out in the world.

  • Why you need to know what you want from your business.

  • The importance of having a full day off.

  • How long does it take for a client to have this know-like and trust?

  • Tell more stories and get more connected with your audience.


Connect with Matthew on IG: @matthew.allyn

Connect with Jess on IG: @jessicaburgio

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