Take Action

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

To actaully "TAKE ACTION" is the hard part...The easy part is the idea of taking said action!

Life moves so damn fast these days!! We all have crazy good intentions but then life throws a curveball at you! What can you do to take better care of yourself, what daily actions can help you stay in a healthy place of growth?! When something happens that's unexpected, having a schedule and or systems in place to keep keeping on are critical! We must still continue to take care of ourselves and others (kids, spouses, pets, parents etc.) It's what we were put here to do! Let me ask you, what actions are YOU taking to make yourself healthier, more fit or more financially healthy?? Do you find yourself struggling to find motivation to get your workouts in? Or are you a gym junkie that still eats terribly? Where can we find more "balance"?

When you look at who you spend the most time with, can you say they are "helping" or "hurting" your heath and fitness goals? If the answer is NO then its time to start a END OF YEAR CLEAN UP! Trust me, you can WANT to change for the better, but if you are spending your time with people who are not focused on the same things you are they will only hold you back, get in your way, or make you feel bad for trying to live a healthier lifestyle!!

Same resonates in me I've learned all this the hard way! When you start to change, grow and evolve into your higher self it makes people UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Most people do NOT like change! In fact, nothing makes people more uncomfortable in my opinion! I mean for example may have thought about signing up for that bootcamp class but assume everyone there has been going for years and you don't want to make an ass out of yourself if you can't hang!! Well remember, every one of the "IG famous" fitness peeps started out somewhere! Or signing up for a self-help retreat?? So, START something now!!

What will it be??

When you don't set something up or something to look forward to, the little things will frequently get to you. (life's curveballs)

Think about the pleasure of the end result!!! (Favorite way I've heard it put!)

Once you get started by taking the small steps first, you will willingly take more time to do more! If we believe in ourselves, we can accomplish anything! (There is no greater truth)

I urge you to start something new in your life RIGHT NOW!

Now is the best time to take action about something on your "wants" list. End of year "goals"..How ever you want to label it to fit your mindset.

  1. Send an email

  2. Book a lesson

  3. Read "that" book

  4. Make your list if you don't have one!

  5. Ask for help

You must take action every day!

(Done is better then perfect.)

Each days progress means you are one step closer then yesterday...and at the end of each week thats some huge progress. Success IS the journey.


Go and take action right now, set some short term and long term goals. Give yourself the grace to enjoy all the things you do everyday. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen in the time frame you will come when the time is right for you.

MLK- You don't have to see the whole staircase you just have to take the first step.

Please please share with me what you are going to commit to RIGHT NOW! Cant wait to hear from all of you!

Much Love and Healthiness,


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