Tapping Into My Soul’s Calling (and How to Tap Into Yours)

Happy Tuesday, you guys and welcome back to the blog!

I just finished my walk, it’s a beautiful morning, and I hope you had an amazing weekend! I had a blast celebrating my girlfriends bday in Palm Springs! What I wanted to talk about today is similar to what I was posting about this past weekend on self-care. Did you see it? Follow along on Instagram to catch all of my car chats!

I know you guys have heard and seen me talking a lot about the Beauty and Soul Mentorship (yes we changed it up) I created, which officially launched yesterday! I know a lot of you are probably thinking, ‘what is she even doing?’ ‘Can someone who is still being taught, teach?’ And the answer is YES—hell, yes!

We are always learning and growing, through all of life’s lessons, ups, and downs. After my intensive Mastermind and 20 plus years in the beauty Industry, I want nothing more than to teach you how to grow your business into the super profitable, six-figure, scalable, consistent biz you envisioned having when you first got started in this industry! Maybe you are feeling burnt out, struggling with inconsistent numbers, frustrated, stagnant...I hear you! I was you! We’ve all been there!

What makes me a creative is my love for teaching. I have a feeling this comes from being the oldest child and being an only child for the first nine years of my life. Once my siblings came around, I suddenly fell in love with the opportunity to start sharing and teaching them things—whether they liked it or not! And through hairdressing, teaching has always kept me grounded. By teaching my craft to others, I have continued to re-learn and explore new ways of approaching my skills. I think this can be said for any career. Can anyone else relate?!

You have all heard me talk about being in alignment with your true self, specifically something called energetic alignment. Before you roll your eyes or write me off as crazy, let me explain! This isn’t some made up term or new fad that’s taking over Instagram. For the last couple of years I have been out of a big salon, on my own, and haven’t really had the opportunity to teach like I used to. Because of that I felt completely out of alignment. I found myself questioning if I was depressed, unfulfilled, unhappy with my career, or a combination of all of the above. It wasn’t until I started diving deeper into my journey of personal growth that I realized I had taken away one of my biggest creative outlets and in turn, it affected every other aspect of my career and overall well being. This is what all the great teachers talk about: listening to your soul’s most authentic calling. And I had stopped listening.

My mom has always seen what fulfills my soul and she has always told me I’d be a great teacher and encouraged me to go after what I wanted. My mom was even the one a few years ago who told me to go get my life coaching certification! At that point I laughed at her and said, “my life is a mess—why would anyone listen to me?”

At the time I was a single mom struggling to balance and succeed at what that new life looked like: one failed divorce prior to all of that, basically losing my house and having to move and uproot my life. There had been a massive shift not only in my body, living, and financial situations, but also solely in who I was as a person after having a baby. Listen up—they try to warn you and tell you what it’ll be like, but you never know until you live it! Not here to scare people away from having children, but always keeping it real and it definitely changes the trajectory of your life. The life I have now with my almost 8-year-old is one I wouldn’t change for anything or anyone.

This one human alone has taught me unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, perseverance and most of all grace. To live again through his eyes, excited about the small day-to-day things and not letting the big things get him down. Never holding grudges and choosing his friends based off the energy that he feels aligned with. Little does he know he listens to his little soul and follows with his heart. I have learned so many lessons simply through watching him live fearlessly.

I have let the fear of change hold me back for so many years. Anyone else? ‍‍ I will be the first one to admit that I don’t like change. I live for my routine and structure. And while those are amazing to have in place, we also have to be willing to get uncomfortable in order for real growth to happen. Which I’ve learned the hard way. But sometimes you have to check in with yourself! Like hey!... are you thriving or just barely surviving?? And in order for real growth to happen, I had to change the way I was operating on the day to day.. I’d had enough with the ‘just getting by’ and keeping my head just above water.. I chose to invest in myself in a way I never had before.

I started saying yes to things while internally, I was shaking my head no and shaking with fear and anxiety. I knew if I just said yes, I would figure it out and the pressure to deliver would push me to execute. Like the first time the chief photographer for strong magazine asked me to lead a Strong Camp! I had never run any sort of camp like that before, I didn’t even have a fitness following. I was “just a hairdresser,” how could I run a weekend long camp? What did I know? What could I bring of value to teach these women about being strong?

It was the first time I reached out and asked for help from someone doing the big things I wanted to be doing. At the time that was Lori Harder, who is now my mentor and friend. She said yes to me and came down and supported me through my first Strong Camp! She showed up to support me and hold the space for me. It was something I really had never experienced before from a woman. She didn’t try to take over, she didn’t try to lead, she didn’t correct me when I was probably off on things. She gracefully let me figure it out on my own all while holding that space for me.

A few weeks later, she invited me to her Bliss Project event. It was my first time at an all women’s self-improvement retreat. Though the Strong Camp was a mini version, it was nowhere near the 400+ women event I attended. And this time I was a participant, not the leader. That event changed my life that year. While I was there I really wasn’t able to answer any of the questions or let myself get really vulnerable with myself. At the time I thought I had great friends and a solid tribe but I left there feeling worse about myself and more confused about who I was. That’s not what she means by cracking you open, but sometimes you have to get really fucking real with yourself before you see any change.

But I knew I couldn’t let that be my lasting experience. So I went back. The next year I came back as a volunteer, ready and open to participate in this special event. I showed up and played full out even from the back of the room. I spoke first, I volunteered for everything, I passed out hugs as if I was getting paid. I cried, laughed, and cried some more. I left that year ready to do the work.... Ready for more, open to change.

Boy, oh, boy has the change been hard! I have discovered things about myself that I once blamed others for. I had to really look inside of myself and recognize each and every one of the unhealthy patterns I had created. Blocks I had about my money, mindset, and what my time was actually worth! I had to recognize my worth before I could be in any state of abundance. I had to be honest with myself first, before I could give back to others the way I wanted to. That’s why when her and her husband offered their mastermind I knew I had to be a part of it.

If you’re ready to get really honest with yourself, to create the change you want in your life—I’m here! If anything in this blog resonated with you, please leave me a comment or send me a message, I always love to hear from you. And if you are ready to invest in yourself and your biz I’m your girl!! Let’s break shit down and create an action plan to take your business to the next level!! Peep my Beauty and Soul Mentorship program!

So much love,


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