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The 4 Things to Focus on to Create a More Profitable Life and Business with Bridgitte Boucha

On this episode of Unscripted, I've got Guest Bridgette Boucha with me, who is a Financial Expert and Author of the book, “Money Queen”. Bridgette shares her journey of leaving corporate to become the founder of her own financial company. Bridgette and I stress the need to tackle financial management early in business and give some practical advice on how to get started.  

Bridgette encourages all of us to think big and invest in our businesses from the get-go. She challenges us to speak our dreams into the world and find people who want to help make them happen. We also touch on financial planning and coaching for small business owners.

Bridgette dives into her passion for helping creatives take charge of their finances and find financial freedom. We talk about breaking old patterns and making your business successful with smart financial planning. She also shares what she calls “The 4 R’s”, which is all about how to run a profitable business while living a fuller life.  

As we end the conversation, Bridgette shares her wisdom, highlighting the need to trust yourself and learn from others. She invites you to reach out to her for support and guidance on your financial journey.  

"We all deserve to live an abundant life and that can only be uniquely defined by you."

What you will hear:

  • Managing your financials in your Business

  • Knowing when to invest for growth

  • How to run a profitable business while still living life

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