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The Messy Middle of Getting Out of Your Own Comfort Zone with Joanna Vargas

We're back with our first episode of the new year!!! I had the pleasure of reconnecting with fellow podcaster and serial entrepreneur-my girl, Joanna Vargas a few weeks ago at Chris Harder's Roundtable Mastermind in Scottsdale, AZ (my second home), where we decided an IN-person podcast episode needed to happen! SO she drove down from LA to sit with me...we met at an amazing studio in La Jolla, CA to share our perspective and insight about the power of networking, personal growth, and getting ourselves in rooms just like that one. We also dove into the power of finding your voice through podcasting.

Joanna emphasized the importance of getting in these rooms for her business and personal development growth, highlighting the impact of owning one's worth and creating meaningful connections. Our conversation took us deeper into self-discovery, healing, and embodying who we need to become on our journey to fulfillment. We shared what it looks like when you put yourself in the energy of “What’s possible?”  

This episode took an unexpected turn as we explored coping with life's challenges, including a harrowing car accident. We discussed the importance of positive thinking, staying present, and celebrating small wins to attract better opportunities.  

Join us as we share experiences, lessons, and laughter, inspiring you to reflect on your journey and create positive life changes. I pray 2024 has nothing but amazing oppotunities for you and massive abundance! Remeber I am one DM away and love nothing more than being a resource for impact and inspiration for you!! I have so much in store for you in this coming year! Cheers to a beautiful NEW YEAR!!!

"We all have the awareness. That innate knowing, the intuition. Whatever you want to call it, psychic abilities. We all have it."

What you will hear:

  • The power of networking

  • Finding your voice through podcasting

  • The power of getting yourselves into rooms

  • Owning your worth

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Key Words:

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