These Seven Books Changed My Life

This year has been the year of a lot of things for me—the year of self-care, of taking chances, and of setting new goals to totally kickass. One of those goals was to read more. Yes, read! LOL. It was the year I decided to take myself back to school and learn something. Admittedly, I haven’t been much of an avid reader in my adult years save for the occasional vacation read, but this year I wanted to change that. As I started this amazing transition from full-time stylist to business coach/official cheerleader of the beauty and wellness industries, there were so many amazing people I looked up to for inspiration. Entrepreneurs, self-care advocates, wellness coaches—they all had so much wisdom and insight to share, I couldn’t get my hands on their books fast enough. And turns out, I’ve read more books in the last year than I have in the last 10 years combined! I’ve created a list of books I could not put down this year, seven books to guide you in your business and personal journey. Happy reading!

“The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You” by Lydia Fenet

This is an amazing story of a woman who carved her own path, leading the way in a man’s world. Showing that true grit, persistence, unshakable vision, and pure passion for her industry led her down a path of massive success! I love this book so much because it empowered everything that I believe women are capable of. It reminded me to stand in my power and in my truth, and to never forget how far I’ve come and how far I can go! Lydia reminds us that to be the most powerful woman in the room you have to know your shit and you have to not just talk the talk, you must walk, live, and breathe the talk. This one is a definite must-read for any woman craving massive success in business and life. She really shows you how you can do it all!

“Absolutely Unforgettable” by Stephanie Nivinskus

This is an awesome entrepreneurs guide to creating a heart-centered brand and standing out in a noisy world. Stephanie has packed this book full of proven marketing insights and tools, she teaches you how to avoid the biggest marketing mistakes most small business owners make. She walks you through how to identify what makes you different from, and better than, your competitors; how to craft unforgettable brand stories that will captivate your ideal clients, and so much more. Being the CEO of a boutique marketing and branding agency, she breaks down the complexity of creating a true heart-centered brand and helps you find your voice. This book was key for me in the early stages of starting my business. This should be at the top of your list if you’re trying to build your own brand!

“Girl, Stop Apologizing” By Rachel Hollis

This book was a real feel-good eye-opener for me, the way Rachel writes speaks to my heart and feels like you’re chatting with a girlfriend. She’s referred to as the modern-day Oprah and female Tony Robbins! Her ability to combine emotion, humor, and straight talk makes us all believe in and see how we can have the life we want if we’ve invested the time to learn how to get there. This is a life-changing guide and basically the “permission” we’ve all been seeking to dump our excuses, embrace our dreams, set boundaries, and gain real confidence and momentum in life. She’s super relatable and lets you know her struggles—and her excuses which were the same as yours!

“#FutureBoards” by Sarah Centrella

In this book you’ll learn how to create a vision board to get exactly the life you want! Sarah is a master Life Transformation Coach who has worked with thousands of people from around the world helping them manifest their dreams! A future board is a physical dream board, a true visual representation of your desired future self! Sarah takes vision boards to a whole new level. When you create a future board, it is meant to set massive intention and momentum in your life, it can be a daily inspiration, and help you turn your dreams into reality. In this book she will guide you to discover what you truly want and give yourself permission to dream huge! You’ll learn how to create a physical, visual, tangible, mini-version of that dream life—your own personal #FutureBoard. From there, she gives you actionable steps to find out how to focus, hustle, and take daily action to make it a reality. This is a great read and such a fun activity to do solo or with a group of friends!

“A Tribe Called Bliss” by Lori Harder

I’m not gonna lie I resisted reading this book for quite a while after my friend Lori Harder published it! I truly thought I already had the friendships I could have. But in this book Lori breaks down superficial friendships and shows you how to create real connections to reach your highest potential. Lori is a self transformation coach and she shares the method she used to build a tribe that helped her transcend from anxiety ridden and underachieving to confident and successful. But she shares how she didn’t do it alone-she was surrounded by supportive and meaningful friendships that she created. This book is a true woman supporting woman book and teaches you how to have those meaningful friendships of your own! If there’s one feel good book with actual tools and tips to help you create the relationships you want in your life this is it!

“The Gift of Struggle” by Bobby Herrera

This was a fun book I picked up at the airport a few months ago and have read it here and there when I need a dose of inspiration. “The Gift of Struggle” is about life-changing lessons about leading. Bobby’s story teaches us that who we are will have a significant influence on the leaders we become. How being a strong leader is truly sharing the stories of your struggles and identifying the gifts out of those struggles, being relatable, and genuinely caring about the people that you lead will create loyal unwavering people on your side.

“Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graziosi

Not pictured because I let a friend borrow it! Dean shares every single habit he applies to his life to lead a massively successful and abundant life! He candidly shares his early years of struggle and how he overcame huge roadblocks and generational scarcity. I love how this book is written in a conversational way! It’s a must read in the self-education world! Applying these habits will improve your business and life tenfold.

When seeking out guidance or inspiration, look to those doing the things YOU want to be doing! Living the life you dream of living! They’ve gone before us and are letting us in on the journey thus far! Because life is all about the journey not the destination ❤️. So slow down, be as present as possible, and let yourself get lost in someone else’s story, because we can always find ourselves in it!

I’m right here with you, enjoying the journey too.

So much love,