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Why Building Your Network is a Non-negotiable in 2024

Hey there, it's your girl Jess, and I’m back with another FYF episode!! Today I’m diving into something super important – building a network for success. I share my own journey of going beyond the beauty world to make new connections and find exciting opportunities for myself which has led me to where I am today. I also share with you why it's so crucial to put yourself out there, whether through speaking, coaching, or teaching, to boost your confidence and truly believe in your abilities.  

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to trust the universe and seek support from like-minded individuals to reach my goals. There are moments when we can feel totally lost in finding clarity on which direction we want to go or which path to take. I share insights on how Masterminds have been a game-changer in helping me make such decisions, boosting my confidence, and fostering my growth. This is EXACTLY why I have decided to Host a Mastermind myself for YOU!!! The power Masterminds hold is absolutely priceless, especially if you’re in it with a small group of women who are truly there to see you WIN both in life and business!

So if you're as pumped as I am about all this, I invite you to connect with me directly for all the deets on this Mastermind that’s starting mid-February.

This episode is packed with network-building advice and is an open invitation to be part of my supportive community. Can't wait for you to listen!    

"Every time I put myself in a situation, I met the next right person, I met the next opportunity, I met the next conversation that was going to lead me to the next step."

What you will hear:

  • Ways to get past walls of resistance in life and business

  • How to tell if what you're doing is actually bringing you joy

  • Recognizing our wins and celebrating them (big or small)


Join the FYF UNSCRIPTED text community! Just text the word “FRIDAY” to 619-332-3045. Where every Friday I send you a personalized message to end your week on a positive note no matter what! We can always find the wins if we look for them! 



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