Women Supporting Women Will Change the World

Behind every successful woman is herself—and a whole squad of amazing girlfriends cheering her on! I don’t know about you, but I’d be lost without the women in my life. While society has always pitted us against each other to vie for the attention of men or get ahead in the workplace, female competition is a no go for me. Whether they’re family, childhood friends, or work friends, my female friendships have helped shape me into the woman I am today. Even the women I’m not friends with have motivated me to work harder and be better. Creative, loyal, funny, intelligent, and so much more: when women are their truest selves and support other women, amazing opportunities are born (like my Beauty Insiders Brunch on June 9th!). I’m sharing some advice I’ve learned from my tribe of incredible women on how to find, create and flourish in a tight group of women in and out of your career.

Prioritize Building Relationships

A lot of the time the reason we aren’t connecting with the women around us is because we aren’t prioritizing the time to do just that. I get it! Life’s freakin’ busy! But take a look at your calendar and see where you’re putting your time. Is there some adjustments you could make in order to hang out with the new girl at work? Can you invite that mentor in your life to your evening walk? By putting in the effort, you’re planting the seeds for a strong connection while you’re in and out of the workplace.

Cheer on Other Women

Ask yourself, what am I doing to support the other women in my life? I know I could do a heck of a lot more! Whether it’s giving them a shoutout on Instagram, sending a supportive text, or giving credit in the next work meeting, those little things add up to help solidify a strong female professional friendship. In the workplace, it may feel like you’re taking the attention away from yourself and your work, but in the long-run, supporting the other women in your company will encourage them to do the same when you totally nail it!

Dealing With the Boy’s Club

Here’s the thing about working in the “Boy’s Club”: it will always be there. Isn’t it so funny how women who stick together are somehow seen as “cliquey” when men do the exact same thing?! If you’re in a career where there aren’t nearly enough women, it can be exhausting trying to breakthrough and advance in your career. Yes, it makes you stronger. But it can also make you tired af! In that work environment, buddy up with the other women in your department, support her where you can (by giving props or helping with assignments), and encourage your boss to incorporate lectures and conferences that aren’t male-dominated. You’ll learn a ton of valuable information to navigate that field, and maybe the men will learn a thing or two, as well. ;)

Put Yourself Out There

Remember those butterflies you get before a first date? Yeah, I get the same feeling when I’m at masterminds, conferences, or any kind of networking event. And most others are, too! Be the first one to break the ice and introduce yourself. Networking is way more fun when there’s a group of you chatting, dreaming, and creating together. What you bring to the table others may need more of, and vice versa! Your unique skills suddenly become the key someone else needs to reach their next goal.