Womens Misconceptions

HAPPY DECEMBER! Welcome to!! Hope you have been enjoying the blogs and please remember I’m always here to answer any questions you have!! This week’s topic is one that I get hit with way more then I care to admit!!  It’s women’s misconception of lifting weights…. “I want to look toned not huge”! Well sister, welcome to the club!  Here's the deal.... As women, we just don’t have the amount of testosterone needed to “get huge”!!  If you already consider yourself “huge” weights or no weights are not going to make you “bigger”… now if you are wanting things “firmer” and not so “jiggly” lifting weights will definitely help!!!  When I hear my clients say “toned” they really mean FIRM!!  Changing your body composition by having more lean mass then body fat will create overall firmness and adding in proper nutrition can help you lose body fat.   Muscle takes up less room then fat… and speaking for myself, I’d rather be a little thicker and firmer then slightly smaller and squishy. But the women you see that you might consider “manly” have most likely been training for years and years consistently and with a very strict meal plan!  So, unless fitness competitions are in your near future you don’t need to worry about getting to muscular to quickly!   It’s damn near impossible!! I’ve also learned through my personal training clients that we experience things so differently!  While training one of my clients (who’s learned proper weight training,) tells me she feels tight and her muscles feel “full”!  We call that the pump!! That’s where the blood flow has increased in that area of which we just trained!!  (That’s when I know she’s made that mind/muscle connection). That’s when I know I’ve done my job!!  That feeling will subside, but that’s where the magic happens!   And the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day… Pairing that with a few days of HIIT CARDIO (try 1min on 1min off) and basic steady state cardio 30-40 you will be in perfect calorie torching zone!!  Top it with proper nutrition and you have found that sweet spot!!  (I went over basic macros in week one). I also love adding in a yoga class and or an active rest day. (ex; brisk walk, or a day at the park with the dog or kids chasing them around!) If the weight room intimidates you, you are NOT alone!!  We all started somewhere!!  Don’t be scared into staying on that damn elliptical!!   Ask a friend to show you around the weight room, see if your gym offers a few free sessions or at least a walk-through of the weight room floor!  It’s free 99% of the time!! Of course, the trainers are hoping you will sign up but from my experience they are always happy to help! Trust me, we would rather see you using the equipment properly!  Or if you can afford a few sessions you should do that!!  If all else fails and you can’t seem to bring yourself to pick up a free weight… YOU TUBE has tutorial video on every single exercise out there!  Do some homework! There are endless amounts of info on line for you to learn from!! Iv'e set myself up a simple home gym that literally consists of a pair of 5lb dumbbells, a resistance band, two 10lb kettle bells and a treadmill! (I honestly have some of my best workouts at home!). I love using the coffee table for pushups and dips! Happy lifting!

Get out of your comfort zone and set some goals!! Start small and you will make great strides!! Much love and healthiness!! Jess Burgio @jessicaburgio