"I was lucky enough to start my career with Jessica, who had always inspired me.  Her dedication to the things she loves and her commitment to staying focused are some of the things I admire most about her.  When she launched her first BEAUTY INSPIRES BEAUTY BRUNCH, I bought a ticket immediately and brought a friend along!! It was a great day full of inspiration and love for our industry.  I continue to be inspired daily through social media and try to connect personally with her through her events as much as possible.  No one walks the walk and talks the talk more then Jess!" -Akasha Kelly

"I have to say I am so thankful that our paths crossed!  I love how you show up in the world and I am enjoying linking arms with you for mentorship.  Thank you for the value you are adding to my life!" - Brittany W.

"The Insiders Brunch was everything I needed to kickstart all the business goals I had been plotting that were stuck in my head. Jessica creates an easy and refreshing set of guidelines to bring your dreams to reality in an interactive community environment that further supports your mission. Connecting with like-minded artists in an uplifting and positive way was exactly the kind of networking event I’ve been looking for and it wasn’t overly formal or informal either!  Jessica is a powerhouse, an excellent communicator and a facilitator of passion and expertise. This is an event I could see myself going to again!" - Emily Wells

"Me and my friend’s first reaction was we were going to be the only guys there, yet alone only barbers. Jessica made everyone feel comfortable. Her shop looks amazing in a great location. She was very informative and answered any questions we had. Jessica don’t play, she’s a motivated individual who wants to spread the advice and help as many people as possible. The brunch wasn’t only for us to meet new people and set some goals, but to make connections in our business. The hair industry is a huge market and Jessica knows a lot of the ups and downs with all the bull**** aside. The best take out of the whole experience is how personable Jessica was. With her it’s about being positive and that if we need her she’s one call away. Please be sure to attend an insiders brunch with a lot of questions ready and she would be more than happy to answer them all!! Thanks again Jessica!!" - Kris Delrosario

"From the moment you meet Jessica, you are embraced with warmth and kindness. She has curated and crafted many things anywhere from her body when competing, her salon/academy; these are only to name a few. But as she says ‘connection is her superpower’ this is the perfect statement to describe her and the experiences she creates.


I’m a big believer that we attract what we are putting out, people included. That being said when attending any of her events every single person in the room has the same big heart and open arms as she does. Not only does she share her knowledge and expertise, she truly fosters an environment for people to be supported, guided and seen. 


She absolutely goes above and beyond in helping others:

•see their vision

•believe in their vision

•And then supports them personally to bring these visions to life. In addition, connects them with others who also can support.


She is the epitome of giving from a full cup. She creates soo much for her community yet never seems to have less, in fact, it’s as if she has even more to give. Inspiring would be an understatement." - Belinda Julian

"The Beauty Insiders Brunch is an amazing event where professionals all around San Diego share their knowledge and unique journeys. I am currently a student at Paul Mitchell San Diego; as a student and new to the industry it is the perfect space to network and connect with people who are seasoned professionals. This is an awesome space for a newcomer like myself to draw inspiration, get great advice, and find out all the amazing opportunities the San Diego beauty industry has to offer. Jessica Burgio is an absolute treasure, she is an open book ready to load you up with knowledge and help guide you on your path. She has created an intimate space for like-minded creatives to come together and share and motivate one another. I absolutely love this event!  I go every chance I get! It has made me a better student and stylist! One of my biggest takeaways is always showing up for yourself.... these brunches are more than just networking It’s become a place where I can re-energize. I have met some amazing people and built great friendships from these events.  I know when I walk through the door something amazing is going to happen and I always walk away more fulfilled than when I came." -- Moneisha Wells