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Jessica Burgio

Holistic Life and Business Coach
Host of UNSCRIPTED the Podcast &

Hey, It's Jess Here!
I am OBSESSED with helping women connect their VOICE to their Brand through my 1:1 Mentorship, starting a podcast and signature PWR Breath work experiences.
I would LOVE to help guide you in unlocking your big visions for not only your life, but your business too!
Our agency, Media Unscripted can help take the overwhelm out of one of the most important ways we help you connect to your future and current clients, a podcast!  We offer full support with your LAUNCH, GROWTH & MONETIZATION opportunities.  We believe having your own podcast builds credibility in order to build a STRONG personal brand and business that helps you stand out! 

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aka your

Host + Creator of  Unscripted the podcast and the

Co-owner of @mediaunscripted a full service podcast growth and management agency.


As a transformational confidence & PODCASTING mentor- I'm here to help you build the confidence needed to boldly create the life and biz of your dreams! We are here to help YOU connect your VOICE to your BRAND!

Self proclaimed Space Holder-HYPE girl and striving IG inspirational motivator lol...(I just do my best to be authentically me, so you are always reminded to authentically BE U) momma, biz owner, sister and pod coach you can stay connected through my stories every morning and our latest episode drops on the show!  Oh and I recently wrote a book!!!! NBD

"Come as you are"- the art of UNBECOMING who they told you to be! (Just kidding, THIS IS THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER!!!!) 


What WE do: 

I  have my own show, UNSCRIPTED the PODCAST that's about to hit 55K in downloads!!! (Thanks to my team and the beautiful souls who tune in weekly!) 

And NOW your GO-TO podcast coach, "START YOUR DAMN PODCAST" is the only course you will ever need to start and launch your very own podcast! And to take it up a notch, my team and I have created MEDIA UNSCRIPTED, a full service podcast management agency to step in as strategic partners in helping you not only launch your own show, but gain traction, and actually make an IMPACT!!!!

But honestly, I'm really just a big Momma bear obsessed with helping you STAND OUT, SPEAK UP & TAKE UP SPACE!!  As a former hairstylist of 22 years I am obsessed with all things health & beauty (inside and out), and helping you live a non negotiable life you love!!  I'm the tough love- hype girl you never knew you needed but always secretly wanted! I promise to always say it how it is and alway keep it real AF.  (You know this if you listen to my podcast or follow me on social!)


I fully believe in taking INSPIRED messy action and not waiting til you "feel" ready... (cause are we ever really ready?)  Together (yea you & me) will  help you create YOUR VERY OWN PODCAST!  No more waiting to start building your brand, it's time to STAND OUT and unapologetically be your bad ass authentic self, even if you are still figuring "her" out!  We work on that together inside the "START YOUR DAMN PODCAST Live"  This course will take you from idea to LAUNCH DAY in as little as 6 weeks!!  LFG. Message me if you are ready!!


Take it from me, I did it all backwards when I started and then had to restructure it the right way, but least I freakin started.  The good news about me doing it all the hard long way, IS I now know exactly what you shouldn't do and everything you SHOULD DO!!!  

I've even roped my top podcaster friends in on this and they have recorded some amazing FREE BONUS LESSONS waiting for you INSIDE!!! #priceless. My years of networking and shmozzzing made it an easy ask!  They ALL agree a course like this is SO needed!  So don't waste another sec reading this click here to get on the waitlist!

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