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Here we take a holistic approach to Life and Business...WELCOME! 
My goal is to help YOU simplify
your approach to both your LIFE & BIZ.


Jessica Burgio

Hey, It's Jess Here!
I am OBSESSED with helping women just like you build a sustainable life & business.
(say goodbye to overwhelm, burnout and chaos and a
BIG HELLO to clarity, CONFIDENCE and inspired action)
The most impactful ways I'm able to do this is through the UNSCRIPTED MASTERMIND (my 5 month signature group program), 1:1 Mentorship, transformational mastermind retreats, and strategic coaching sessions focused on helping you launch or grow your own podcast.

(I believe having your own podcast builds credibility, awareness and expertise helping you build a STRONG personal brand and business that helps you stand out!
But VISION & STRATEGY are KEY for good marketing! Your goal should NOT be, to be the best kept secret.) 

My passion, purpose and goal is to be your guide on this amazing journey through entrepreneurship!  Helping you TAKE ACTION and unlock your big visions for not only your life, but your business too!

JOIN US JUNE 6TH in Scottsdale, AZ

a fully holistic One Day Mastermind Event

For the woman flipping the script who.....


-Desires a space to land, slow down, and be authentically herself

-Craves genuine connection with other women taking action on their BIG dreams

-Is tired of leaving events with exactly 0 aligned connections, 0 actionable takeaways, and 0 energy after being *on* 24/7

-Values both the feminine and masculine sides of business and can't wait for BOTH strategy and yoga flow!

-Is ditching BS beliefs at the door and allowing herself to show up bigger for herself and her mission


I fully believe in taking INSPIRED messy action and not waiting til you "feel" ready... (but having a coach and mentor who's gone before you sure freakin helps!!!)  Together (yea you & me) will  map out an action plan both for your biz yes, but more importantly your LIFE!  No more waiting to start building your brand, it's time to STAND OUT and unapologetically be your bad ass authentic self, even if you are still figuring "her" out!  We can work together on establishing your BRAND and MESSAGING along with a powerful marketing plan to help you BE SEEN!

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