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Beauty Inspires Beauty

3 weekly podcast episodes for women who want to elevate every area of their life, business and relationships. A place to be reminded you are not alone...join us for real AF conversations that will surly leave you feeling more confident and inspired to take action on your big dreams! 

Ready to Level Up Every Area of Your Life and Be More Aligned and On Fire For Life Than Ever Before?

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About Your Host

Jessica Burgio

Hey Beauty Babe, Welcome! 

I am so glad you are here!

I am the founder of BEAUTY INSPIRES BEAUTY the PODCAST and the owner of Creative House SD, a beautiful event space in the heart of San Diego, California. While helping you host epic events is our jam, we also offer an amazing place to connect and build community! Our space is a boutique style loft with the most amazing natural light and energy! I have created an open space for inspiring personal & professional growth, celebrating collaboration & practicing self care from the inside out. I am known as the queen of helping you create a #nonnegotiable life

Combining my 22 years of experience as a six-figure stylist & salon owner, I created Beauty Inspires Beauty for the passionate creative entrepreneur.  I have a HUGE passion for helping creative and beauty professionals take their lives & careers to the next level, and we do that through the BEAUTY INSPIRES BEAUTY PODCAST, BEAUTY INSIDERS MEMBERSHIP, free resources,  mini courses, events + apparel. 

We have options for everyone at any stage with, several levels & options to become part of our community & take your life and business to the next level!