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On UNSCRIPTED, you're invited to become a woman who dares to rewrite your life and break away from the expected path. Whether you're an established female entrepreneur, a woman going through a life transition, or a mom who challenges the status quo, we'll connect on our stories of setbacks, successes, and passions that encourage you to grow through the power of choice. The mission with UNSCRIPTED is to empower you with strategies and tangible tools to help you establish new habits as you pursue your own unique path, all while deep diving into common themes like permission, awareness, and choice. The true goal with this community, is to help YOU create a life that is all your own, and while meaningful guidance will be shared along the way, it’s your chance to Rewrite your life. Welcome to UNSCRIPTED.

Ready to Level Up Every Area of Your Life and Be More Aligned and On Fire For Life Than Ever Before? 

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About Your Host

Jessica Burgio

Hey Babe, Welcome! 

I am so glad you are here!

I am the host of host of UNSCRIPTED the PODCAST and the creator of "START YOUR DAMN PODCAST COURSE" and the Confidence Makeover!

Combining my 22 years of experience as a six-figure stylist & salon owner, I created this podcast and course for the passionate creative entrepreneur.  I have a HUGE passion for helping early stage entrepreneurs and creative professionals take their lives & careers to the next level, and we do that through the INSIDERS MEMBERSHIP, START YOUR DAMN PODCAST COURSE and the Podcast. Enjoy the free resources & mini courses and stay in the know about our events + latest apparel drops. 

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