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People are my passion.

I became a hair stylist over 20 years ago because of my love for helping people. I have worked in 3 salons before opening my own salon in downtown San Diego. I still spend 2 days a week behind the chair as well as manage 3 other chairs in my salon. Human connection is a foundation in everything that I do, whether it is touching a clients life by making them feel beautiful or helping an industry professional get control of his/her life, helping people will always be my biggest passion.


Navigating the next chapter.

Transitioning away from the chair was never something I imagined in my early years as a stylist & salon owner. But I have found a passion in helping beauty professionals take control of their life! As a salon owner + 20+ years of experience in the industry, I have experienced all the challenges that come with this amazing career and realized the massive need within the industry for a course focusing on personal development, finding clarity, massive growth, time management and creating a life that you never need to feel “burnout” living!


I want to give back to the beauty industry by empowering the professionals.

I founded Beauty Inspires Beauty for the sole purpose of giving power to the industry that I am in love with. I know first hand the overwhelm, the pricing structure, the importance of setting yourself apart, and all the other challenges that beauty industry professionals face daily. Focus, time management, direction, strategy and accountability.  I created a program that helps individuals create a life they have dreamed of, because the power is within you and has been all along. Giving you the tools to get clear on your future, dreams, goals, ideal life, etc. through things such as finances, organization, creating healthy boundaries, and so much more is what I do. The Beauty Mentor is a title I wear proudly- and do not take lightly.


Creating a life you are in love with.

The entire foundation of my business is building a NON NEGOTIABLE life you love waking up to. I know that in order for me to be able to teach this, I have to practice this as well. I reside in San Diego, California- a city that will always have my heart. I am a mom of one amazing boy (Kai), believe the beach cures all, obsessed with clean beauty, fitness and taking care of my health inside and out, AND of course love being on a journey of continual personal development + growth!