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And as a self proclaimed HYPE GIRL, my passion and purpose is helping YOU build the confidence to chase your dreams… former beauty entrepreneur of 22 years I am the founder and host of the highly rated podcast show-Unscripted, holistic biz strategist, author, podcast mentor, speaker and boy mom helping female entrepreneurs connect their voice to their brand through life & business coaching. My specialties are helping you build the foundations of a sustainable business that allow for freedom and flexibility, work-life balance by YOUR design with room to dream big while creating a sustainable path that feels authentic to YOU!!! In other words, taking you from overwhelm and chaos to CLEAR & CONFIDENT.


I became a hair stylist over 22 years ago because of my love for helping and connecting with people.  Human connection is the foundation in everything that I do, whether it is touching a clients life by making them feel beautiful or helping entrepreneurs  build their brand... helping people will always be my biggest passion.


I have truly found a passion in helping entrepreneurs  take control of their life and biz by building a personal brand that helps them stand out! Pivoting from a full time hair and makeup artist in to the online space has been the most rewarding challenge of my life. (yes harder than becoming a parent lol). And I truly believe mentorship in the form of 1:1, group Masterminds and retreats are the way to make the journey of entrepreneurship more FUN and ENJOYABLE!!! It doesn't have to be a hard and lonely road I promise!!! I got you!


Cheers to your success!  

Your Hype girl, 


Take intentional action because that's how you're going to get there and become that version of you!

Image by Jessica Favaro

"when you have more than you need - build a longer table, not a higher fence."

Tamlyn Tomita

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