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Embracing a Life of Choice and Authenticity with Meghan Weir

Imagine breaking free from the scripts that society has imposed upon us. Picture a life where every choice is yours to make. Together, let's challenge the norms and embrace the power of authenticity. Get ready to be motivated as we dive into the depths of self-discovery.

Introducing, Meghan Weir, a true visionary in personal breakthroughs. Join me as I take this transformative journey, knowing that by investing in myself, I'm creating a seismic shift in the trajectory of my life.

Reflect on the last time you prioritized yourself over others. Together, let's reclaim ourselves and embrace the self-care that fuels personal and professional success. It's time to rise and shine, knowing that when we nurture ourselves, we radiate a powerful light that illuminates the world around us.

Discover the magic of a six-month timeframe, where true transformation happens. By committing wholeheartedly and embracing consistency, you'll witness remarkable changes unfold. Are you ready to join me on this journey of growth and empowerment?

"Don't just go on from one thing to the next. It's not only taxing on your nervous system, it's exhausting for you to constantly be in this hamster wheel of trying to figure things out."

What you will learn:

1. Why six months is a key timeframe for transformation.

2. Shifting back and forth from teaching and providing to receiving and receiving.

3. Why getting a coach is a value add to your life.

What you will hear:

  • Pursue a life by choice: breaking away from the script

  • Chrysalis: the embodiment of myself

  • The video that convinced me

  • The reason behind Jess's podcast course and her agency

  • The Key Timeframe: Six Months for Effective Work

  • Prioritizing Yourself: When Was the Last Time?

  • The Ethical Approach: Standing for Those Doing the Work

  • Life-Changing Breakthrough Days with Megan


Connect with Meghan on IG: @themeghanweir

Check out her website for more information on all of her services

Check out her podcast "Dropped In"

Connect with Jess on IG: @jessicaburgio

Purchase a copy of my book Come As You Are: The Art of Unbecoming Who They Told You To Be -

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