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How Pivoting May Be The Thing You Need In Order to Find Success with Joelle Riding

In this episode of Unscripted, I talk with my longtime friend Joelle Riding, the Founder of Dope Magic Co, about her journey of embracing clarity, pivoting her business, and fully investing in herself. We discuss how she landed working specifically with estheticians after a transformation that brought her more focus. Listeners will learn tips for optimizing their website and the importance of building a solid foundation for sustainable success.

"If you got everything you ever wanted right now, would you actually be prepared for it?"

What you will hear:

  • The benefits of niching down a business and building confidence through specialization.

  • The importance of building a strong foundation and sustainable business model to avoid burnout.

  • Joelle's process of rebuilding her business after a period of personal growth and transformation.

  • Taking breaks from business through corporate jobs or other roles to support well-being.

  • Joelle's passion for working with and helping estheticians through her web design agency.

  • Tips for optimizing a beauty business website for conversions and SEO.

  • Overcoming perfectionism and embracing imperfection on the entrepreneurial journey.


Connect with Joelle:

Ways to connect outside of the podcast: 

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Key Words:

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