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Resistance is a Mutherfuker

Hey, it's your girl Jess here, and on today's episode of Unscripted, I am celebrating F*ck Yeah Friday! I’ll be creating these episodes for you every Friday, sharing what’s coming up for me and what I feel may be coming up for you all as well. This episode is all about acknowledging wins and conquering resistance.

I talk about the challenge of recognizing victories during growth phases as an entrepreneur and how celebrating them fuels our motivation to continue further along our journey.

As we approach the end of 2023, I ask you to reflect on what truly feels impactful to you and the resistance you’re currently facing. Hitting a wall of resistance leads to avoidance and affects our sense of fulfillment.

I want to debunk the myth that money and success guarantee happiness. What really matters at the end of the day is whether or not your path is bringing you joy. Resistance could be a sign showing up when you’re drifting off the path, but it’s never too late to get back on track!

Together, let’s focus on your goals. Reflect on what's essential in your life and whether your actions align with your values. So, embrace the resistance — it's part of the journey and it’s OK to feel it at times. Here on Unscripted, I invite you to celebrate your wins, stay true to joy, and keep conquering resistance!

"The biggest flex you can ever have in life is asking for help or guidance around particular things that resistance seems to plague you on."

What you will hear:

  • Ways to get past walls of resistance in life and business

  • How to tell if what you're doing is actually bringing you joy

  • Recognizing our wins and celebrating them (big or small)

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Key Words:

resistance, personal growth, fulfillment, entrepreneurship, motivation


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