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In this episode of Unscripted, I wanted to share my insights on finding authenticity in business through self-awareness and passion-driven content creation. For so long when I first started out, I tried to copy what other successful entrepreneurs were doing, thinking that was the key to success. However, I soon realized that approach was not working for me and I wasn't truly being myself.

What I've learned is that the better approach is to mirror effective strategies that others are using, but then make them your own unique approach. It's about tuning into your own intuition, energy and strengths to create from a genuine place. I discuss how I've been able to do this in my own business and content creation.

I also wanted to profile some inspiring women entrepreneurs who have achieved fulfillment by truly embracing their authentic power and voice. Women like Lindsey Schwartz and Lori Harder, who stand boldly in their truth every day. My hope is that in sharing their stories, it will encourage listeners to quiet self-doubt and own their power through small daily habits.

Ultimately, this episode is about living your truth for success that goes beyond just monetary gains. It's about showing up fully and authentically in your work and life.


"When you live in your truth, you own that POWER"

What you will hear:

  • Finding your own uniqueness

  • Embracing your authentic power

  • Making small changes in your daily habits for big results

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Key Words:

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