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Owning The Messy Parts of Your Journey with Sarai Speer

Today I am welcoming back my soul sister and a fan favorite on this podcast, Ms. Sarai MF Speer. And I won't sugar coat it...we kick it off quick and get real, diving deep into how our emotions steer the ship of our lives. Join me and Sarai as we have an open and overly honest chat about why we react first and think later. This convo's all about sharing our stories, vulnerabilities, and those "aha" moments we've had while figuring ourselves out.

No filters here. We're tackling the tough stuff—dealing with habits we'd rather kick to the curb, navigating career shifts, and how those rocky roads actually helped us level up. We also get into self-sabotage... yes friends we went "there". Unpacking how we can break free from the stuff that holds us back, stepping out of our comfy zones, and embracing the peace of just being.

We're flipping self-sabotage on its head for a more purposeful life. This episode is as real as it gets—no fluff, just a genuine conversation between two grown-ass women doing the work around growth, healing, and discovering your true self. Grab a seat and join us!

"And I was like F*ck You, I am all of those things, and I'm going to show you"

What you will hear:

  • Dealing with Habits that we try to avoid

  • How to break free from what holds us back

  • All about self-sabotage and kicking it to the curb

  • Growth, healing and self-discovery

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Key Words:

self-sabatoge, healing, self-discovery, purposeful life, habits


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